Food and Stuff

Food and Stuff

One of my favorite things to do in all the world is travel. I realized that I had a passion for it when I was 18. I still lived back at home in the little town of Ennis, Texas where I spent much of my childhood. I hadn’t known the Lord long, but I was very involved in my church. As a result, just about everyone in the church not only knew me, but they trusted me. The church wasn’t very large. There was a younger girl there as well, who’s family was also very involved in the church. She had met a young man online and had spent the better part of a year getting to know him. Someone at some point had decided it’d be a good idea for the two to meet. There was just one problem. The young man lived in the U.K.

Though I wasn’t involved in the deliberation, it had been determined. She would go and visit. In fact, until they approached me, I had no idea any of this was going on. You see, they needed a chaperone. There was a woman in our church in her early thirties who was willing to go, but they still wanted a male presence. Finding an adult-ish man who could simply take off for two weeks and travel to another country on a whim is a tall order apparently. However, single and ready to mingle, I was all about it (I was 18 at the time – and actually, I wasn’t entirely single)! So, when they mentioned the idea to me, I was pumped! After all, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity as far as I was concerned. I grew up in a good home, but it wasn’t a “go and travel abroad” kind of home. Our trips consisted of driving to Alabama to see family or up to the red river to swim… So, when someone comes up and says, “if you’ll go with our daughter to England, we’ll pay for all of the travel expenses. What do you think?” I say, “Um… yes! Heck yes! Please! er…um, I mean… let me pray about it first…”

Needless to say, I went, and this is where it all started for me. It was on this trip that the travel bug bit me, and it was on this trip that I began to realize that the culinary world had so much more to offer than I had ever realized before. I mean, growing up in a very southern home with a very southern cook, if it wasn’t deep fried, was it even edible? That’s not a knock on my mom’s cooking either. I loved it! I still love it! I haven’t totally ditched my deep fried, southern roots either, and my tastes haven’t evolved on any sort of sophisticated level. I still judge food pretty much exclusively by the way it tastes. My scale is probably something like good, gooder, and goodest, and trashy, greasy, fatty, unhealthy bar/pub/diner fare still tops the list for me, but I have certainly become more adventurous and my food horizons have certainly broadened.

What happened to the guy and the girl? It didn’t work out. That’s a bummer for dad who spent all that money. Not sure if I ever sent a thank you card for that either…, but it wasn’t all a waste. Look here. The fruit of that trip is my obsession with food. Surely that’s worth the thousands of dollars it cost to send us all over there!? Right? No?

Oh well… The point of all this is to say, I love food, and that’s what got it all started. Food is fun, and something else cool about food? It’s perfect for just about every occasion. I don’t think there is ever really a bad time for food. If you want to hang out with friends, grab some food. If you want to relax, get some food. Is someone getting married? I bet there’ll be food there. Funeral? Food! I am telling you, no matter what the occasion is, food makes it better! Hang gliding off a mountain… Okay, maybe that one doesn’t work… but the fact remains, Food. Is. Awesome! And, for me, it’s kind of a thing now. Not only do I plan trips and routes around it, but I have an album on my phone devoted to it as well as a folder on my home screen. So, I figured, If I get this much joy out of food (and for real… I really do), perhaps it would be something fun to write about and share with others. So, that’s what I intend to do. Keep a look out for more posts to follow under the category ‘Food and Stuff.’ Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about my food adventures as much as I know I enjoy living them!

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  1. Dan Bergman

    Great story! I love your response when they asked you to go on the trip!!?

    1. JJ

      Haha! I am glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I am pretty sure that is exactly how that dialogue went!

  2. Mona

    I like to call those foodventures!!

    1. JJ

      Nice! Foodventures! I Like it!

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