I go by JJ. I was born in Dallas, TX in 1981. That makes me … old. I did not grow up in a Christian home and did not come to know Jesus until I was 15. I  surrendered to God’s call to teach and preach the Bible that same year. I am married to a wonderful woman named Lindsay, and God has blessed us with five crazy kids. I am currently pastoring Forest Hills Baptist Church, a church that my family and I started in 2014. 


I do more thinking than writing. If we ever get to the point where our thoughts can be magically transferred to paper … watch out world! 



I don’t really speak. I preach, but ‘speaker’ sounds more sophisticated …

Witnessing Like Paul

I wouldn’t call myself an author, but I have written a book and hope to write others. You can check out Witnessing Like Paul by clicking the button below. I hope it’s a help and an encouragement to you. 

Social Media Crusader

… who still prefers Facebook. #instawhat?

Lover of Food

Seriously, food is a thing for me. I have an album on my phone dedicated to it, an app folder on my phone named after it, and I plan my travel routes and destinations around it. Some might be embarrassed by such an admission. For me? It’s a badge of honor. Since I know you’re interested, I have chronicled my food adventures for you. Just click the button below. 


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